Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department

Waller-Harris ESD 200

Welcome to the Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department

The Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department has proudly served the community for over 72 years. Established in 1947, it has grown and evolved into an aspiring department. Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department services an estimated population of 7,489 in a 72 square mile radius. In 2019, the new Brookshire Volunteer Firefighter Association Board was formed and the department underwent some changes. Amongst those changes, the department officially became part of Waller-Harris ESD 200. Chief LaPointe was appointed and became the first female Fire Chief for Brookshire Volunteer Fire Department. Our volunteer firefighters are your very own neighbors, friends, and relatives. Each devoted and passionate about serving their community and making it a safer place.


Fire & Rescue Response

Fire Safety Education

Fire Training

Nothing will ever compare to the passion, the dedication and the perseverance of a volunteer firefighter. I am proud to lead some of the greatest men and women who possess and embrace those amazing qualities.


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